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Requests for Grants

Annually the Parish Council will debate and approve small grants, mainly to local charities who provide assistance to our residents. Our policy document covering this is shown below.


Policy for awarding Grant Aid to Local Organisations

 The parish council sets aside each year a sum of money for disbursement on grants to organisations and activities that contribute to the improvement or maintenance of quality of life within the parish. Grants are necessarily limited, and thus organisations must demonstrate that they are supporting residents of the parish, and are meeting a need which is not a statutory duty of the County, District or Park Authority. No guarantees of  assistance are made, and an offer of a grant does not set a precedent for future years.

Requests are considered annually at the December monthly meeting. Requests can be submitted at any time up to the end of November, and should particularly show the direct benefit to residents of Sandleheath Parish. There is otherwise no prescribed format in making an application.


 Applications will be considered for grant aid under the following criteria:

1. Applications can only be accepted from charitable and local community organisations. National appeals are outside of the grant-aid scheme, and priority will always be given to smaller and more local organisations.

2. Notwithstanding the above, Hampshire-based organisations that can show direct benefit to the locality are welcome to apply - they must be able to demonstrate significant benefit to the village.

3. The Council is prevented by Statute from giving financial assistance to individuals, commercial businesses, charities operating overseas or to a fund established to help persons outside the UK.

4. Local sporting and leisure organisations are eligible to apply.

5. The Council will consider support towards a specific item or project, or towards core funding if it is appropriate - and one-off projects.

6. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

7. The Council particularly wishes to support new community organisations based in Sandleheath.


Sandleheath Parish Council will:

·        Publicise in its documents on the council website, the availability of grant-aid.

·        Review the grant-aid budget annually.

·        Periodically review this policy.



Victoria Eden

Clerk to Sandleheath Parish Council

4th December 2014