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Sandleheath Allotments



Sandleheath has in its centre an area dedicated to allotments. There are 21 full units in all, though these are sometimes split into two. Persons entitled to rent one of these must reside within 5 miles of Fordingbridge Town Hall. The reason for this is that when the allotments were set up Sandleheath was then part of Fordingbridge.

The allotments, known as "Allotments For The Labouring Poor", were comprised in an enclosure ward dated the 17th of May 1865 made in pursuance of the general Enclosure Acts and is a registered charity.

This is administered, together with the Quadrant Alms Houses in Fordingbridge, by five Trustees and a clerk. Nowadays, to conform to the charity intentions, part of the yearly income after expenses is given to help a person in need or to a worthy local cause within the old Fordingbridge area.

All the plots are usually taken, mostly by people living in Sandleheath and at most times there is a waiting list. No sheds or other structures are allowed. Tenants are responsible for keeping their plots tidy, their own paths cut and hedges trimmed on the inside, the Trustees being responsible for the boundary hedges outside. Vandalism, unlike some allotments is almost unheard of. Only one minor incident in the last 18yrs has been recorded. One of the reasons for this good record could be that many of the tenants live alongside and, of course, there are no sheds!

It is generally agreed that these allotments provide a good community base in Sandleheath.

If you would like to know more (including current prices) or add your name to the waiting list contact

Mrs. Helen Tague, Clerk to the Trustees Telephone 01425 655462 Email


Mr. R D Rickman, Trustees Allotment Representative, Telephone 01425 654884  Email