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Parish Council Information

On the pages listed in the side menu you will find the dates of the Parish Council meetings, a list of Councillors and their responsibilities, copies of the minutes of the meetings, Council policies, information relating to the finances of the Council and other current issues.


What we do:

During a four year term of office the Parish Councillors determine and set policy to cater for the social, cultural welfare and environmental needs of Sandleheath residents. It is financed through the New Forest District Council by raising a precept on all residential properties in Sandleheath. 

Working under the authority of Hampshire County Council and New Forest District Council it has a statutory responsibility for administering the parishes open spaces, in particular the Common in the centre of the village.  In safeguarding and enhancing the natural environment and character of Sandleheath Parish.

The Council is committed to giving support to young people, the elderly and those with disabilities. In particular they assist and encourage other village groups and events.  This includes an annual village bonfire. The council is also keen to ensure that the local shop and post office continues to flourish.

Aware of its responsibility to engage the community that it represents the Council is delighted to report that its regular meeting are always well attended by the public.  It also sees itself as an information supplier which is achieved through the annual parish assembly, village notice boards and this website.

Contacting the Parish Council

In order for this Council to represent the views of the Parish, you need to advise us of your thoughts in advance of meetings at which the Council will vote (See Agenda posted online or on notice board outside village shop).

Do you have anything you wish to say to the Councillors ?
Voice your views on an agenda subject before a meeting.
Give us your ideas for improving the village.
You name it and we will listen.

The Clerk (Vicky Eden) is on 01425 655707 during normal weekday working hours. Email

If you wish to speak to a particular Councillor about the subject for which he/she is responsible see "The Councillors & Clerk" on the side menu.
Also check the Parish Notice Board outside the Shop.

Email for Chairman: